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BlockchainMillionaireNFT.com is a NFT management company. This one-of-a-kind collective is a community for celebrity NFT creators, influential artists, illustrators, 3D designers, and blockchain investors. We specialize in BRIDGING the gap between celebrities, the meta verse, blockchain branding opportunities, and web3 smart partnerships. 

We have been able to strategically align our celebrity clientele with profitable NFT marketplace development deals and other meta verse opportunities such as video gaming, live events, and brand ambassadorships.

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NFTs With Attitudes

Blockchain Millionaire NFT is proud to take credit for packaging and negotiating the collaboration between The Hip Hop Archive and NFT Genius/Gaia Marketplace. 

The Hip-Hop Archive NFT Collection is the home of “NFT’s With Attitude”. This collection is made up of video clips and photos from the infamous 1988 NWA interview. The release is a collaboration between Matthew McDaniel, Blockchain Millionaire NFT, and NFT Genius, a Mark Cuban Company.

The NFT’s With Attitude collection is releasing in June 2022 on the Gaia NFT Marketplace (OnGaia.com). Along with other hip-hop historical collections for our archive of 100 hours of video. For more information regarding the release, click the link to join the NFT’s With Attitude discord. https://discord.gg/KCDMvCAm

The Hip Hop Archive has over 100 hours of never before seen footage and home videos from music legends such as NWA, Dr. Dre, Ice cube, Queen Latifah, Iced T, Snoop Dogg, and many other icons.

NFTs With Flavor

BlockchainMillionaireNFT.com was founded by crypto/NFT enthusiast who value what the Hip Hop culture will add to blockchain technology and the meta verse overall. 

Aswaad English is the founder of BlockchainMillionaireNFT.com and a successful television producer of more the 500+ episodes. English has been providing marketing, P.R., and brand management to blockchain companies, and crypto millionaires since 2017. 

“My goal is to help close the cultural wealth gap through education, and creating profiable black blockchain opportunities”.

Co-Founder, BKLYN JONES is not only a trusted friend but a sought-after adviser and mentor to some of today’s iconic A-list celebrities. A true pioneer in the hip hop culture whose work spans over 30 years in the entertainment industry, including beginning his career as one of the first hip hop dancers with the legendary rap group “Whodini”. Among other endeavors, Bklyn is the owner of several successful businesses, an overseer and manager of innovative and world-class brands, and a film and television consultant. Bklyn remains one of today’s major influencers, known for his eclectic style, direct honesty, sense of humor, and his heart for the common man and woman. He attributes his personal success to his belief that one must surround oneself with a team of like-minded individuals in order to excel and expand in life.

Co-founder, Sway Calloway is a legendary journalist, radio personality, executive producer, entrepreneur, and actor. Calloway has been a staple within music-news for more than twenty years since joining the MTV News team in 2000 and has been front and center for some of music’s biggest moments. 

His work continues throughout the nation Monday through Friday on Sirius XM’s popular morning show, SWAY IN THE MORNING on the Shade45 channel. 

PARTNER, Lisa Fortune-Giles bloodline runs all the way back to the early days of Hollywood. With over 25 plus years as talent management in the field of Entertainment, Fortune-Giles has managed to take her clients from aspiring artist to stardom. As well as aiding them in growing their visibility and profitability. 

Lisa has single-handedly built a first-class music management company from the ground up. And current spirheads the careers of DJ Battlecat and Kurupt.


PARTNER, Fabian Varela is a talent and literary agent who has struck major deals under the agency names of Paradigm, APA, and Kaplan-Stahler. Varela now owns and operates Creative Arts Talent & Literary Management, Inc. as the President/CEO. 

Fabian specializes in talent contract negotiations and identifying profitable, celebrity smart partnerships. 

PARTNER, Lael A. Alexander is a multiple patent holder and founder of the fastest-growing mobile technology start-up company in the Nation.

Alexander was awarded the Telecom Industry Technology Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2018 following a list of industry awards that gave global recognition to his craft including the 2014 CES Innovation and Engineering Award for his contribution to the mobile industry.


Alexander increases earning potential with in-house manufacturing of wireless handsets and the development of enhanced 4G LTE and 5G infrastructure equipment (antennas, access points, CPE’s) accompanying its portfolio of consumer electronic products that range from mobile phones to appliances.

Lael’s software as a service model goes beyond current models of providing cloud-based solutions alone. In the current market, mobile environments require far more than application-level customization. This is why we build to suit our customers desired outcomes.


Blockchain Millionaire NFT is the perfect booking company for your live event needs. We are responsible for booking all of the celebrity talent and Technology experts for the “Reinvent Yourself With Crypto” Conference held in Miami, FL in November 2021.

BMN provided production, talent booking, and P.R. service to the sold out event. 

Reinvent Yourself With Crypto Conference

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